Meet Gaurav Sharma

Message from Gaurav Sharma

Politics is not an easy place to be – but I believe Himachal has the potential to be even better than it is, and Parliament is one place where I can help make that happen

That’s why I’m in politics.
Gaurav Sharma

As  President of Himachal Lokhit Party Yuva Sena , it is my goal to be a strong voice for our local community.  I believe that you deserve a Leader who will not only listen to your needs and aspirations, but be a strong voice to help you achieve your goals.This is what drives me as your representative.

Here in Shimla and Himachal Pradesh we face some big challenges.With high Tourism growth we need the infrastructure to keep up: better hospitals, roads and education facilities.  We also need the jobs to help our local community and small businesses prosper. We need people making choices about the issues that matter to you.

We all have a responsibility to plan for the future, and the way I approach politics reflects this.  My personal approach is one of proactively working with people across all areas at a local grass roots level. It is important that individuals, businesses and community groups are empowered to have a say on our future.

It is important for me to hear about the issues which matter to you, so I encourage you to take a moment to complete a community survey here.

It is my belief that with the right approach to government, and politicians that are not afraid to stand up for their community, our best years as a region are ahead of us!



Gaurav Sharma